When: 29. December 2017 – 2nd January 2018
Where: Brno, Czech Republic, mostly in the city centre


What is Folk Marathon?

Folk Marathon is so many things. It is a gathering of people who love folk music and dancing and all its contemporary faces. We learn from each other, we party, we play music, we dance. Sometimes, we also sleep. 🙂 It’s a place where people are open to each other and everyone is accepted just the way they are.

Do you want to spend the last days of the old year making music and dancing and to welcome the new year in the same way? Do you want to be among old friends and the friends you yet have to meet? Are you looking for a place where to spend the days around the New Year’s Eve where you can have fun and relax in a meaningful way? Come and join Folk Marathon.


How does it work?

Things you can take part in at Folk Marathon:

  • Music and dance workshops
  • Evening bals at great venues, including an ultimate New Year’s Eve Party, where you’ll be able to choose how you want to celebrate while being under the same comfy roof as everyone else
  • Music sessions in cosy clubs and pubs
  • A romantic klandestina in the (hopefully) snowy city centre
  • Meeting like-minded people in interest groups

So far, it sounds almost like every other festival, but there’s one important difference: it is you who will share your knowledge, passion and expertise with others. All the workshops, gigs and interest groups are given by the participants. And because Folk Marathon is fun to be at, many great dancers and musicians are going to come, so the workshops and music will definitely be worth it! Everyone can contribute and take part in as much or as little as they want.

If you’d like to give a workshop or a gig, please, let us know in the application form.

But that’s not all! We’ll also have:

  • Space where participants can meet, relax, jam and simply chill and hang around
  • Affordable common sleeping place
  • Some comfier options of accommodation
  • All the advantages the second biggest city in the Czech Republic can offer
  • A small but welcoming local balfolk community with a devoted team of organizers
  • A hip and revolutionary pricing policy


About Brno

With the population of almost 400 000, Brno is the second biggest city in the Czech Republic and the capital of its eastern part, Moravia. It is only 150 km far from Vienna, 250 Km from Prague and 330 km from Krakow. It has several big universities and a diverse cultural scene.


What is balfolk?


Balfolk in Brno and CZ

Brno balfolk events are mostly organized by the small local dance society called Ton Simple. There is a lively balfolk community in Prague, but otherwise, balfolk is not very well known in the CZ. We hope that Folk Marathon will help us spread the folk further.

Ton Simple is a part of the local YMCA organization.