Our local balfolk community is quite young and very small. In other words, everyone who is involved in balfolk in Brno will be in the organizing team. 🙂 (We are not exaggerating. Much.) Which is why we cannot offer you a place at our personal homes. We have however tried to do our best to find budget accommodation where people will be able to stay comfortably.

UPDATE: All accommodation we offered is booked out! Sorry, we have no more space. If you need a place to stay, please, try CouchSurfing or look for hostels.

Please, note that the accommodation we provide will be available from 29th December.


Common sleeping place in the gym – NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE

Address: TJ Sokol, Kounicova 22

We will have quite a lot of space in a big gym house (which belongs to the Sokol organization – we may tell you about it later). While you will be sleeping in one huge room with other people, there will be a lot of space for everyone, it will be warm, there are nice showers and toilets. There is no kitchen, but there will be a kettle and some space where you will be able to prepare your tea or breakfast (no dishes though – bring your own cup).

The one drawback of this place is that it needs to be vacated on 2nd January at 8 A. M. This is why we are offering the last night at a discount (and we will have a place where you’ll be able to nap during the day if you need). For the night of 2nd January, we will be moving to the HQ – YMCA (there should be enough room for all the people who stay).

The gym house is in a very comfortable walking distance from most of other Folk Marathon venues.

The common sleeping place – Sokol, as well as the YMCA building, is non-smoking and no alcohol can be consumed on the premises.

Cost: EUR 4 per night (the night from 1st to 2nd January for EUR 3).


Students hostels – NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE

Address: Kounicova dormitory, Kounicova 507

We pre-booked a few rooms for you at the local students hostel. While this is not necessarily a four-star hotel, it offers space for people who have reasons not to stay in the common sleeping place. There are 25 rooms for two, differently priced depending on their fanciness (some might have a common bathroom, while some might have a TV). The students hostel is also very close to the Folk Marathon venues.

If there are a lot of people interested in staying here, we can pre-book more rooms at other student hostels around the town (please, note that public transportation in Brno is very good, even at night, so you won’t have any trouble getting around).

In case there are too many people for the students hostels, we’ll make a list at first come – first serve basis; however, people with kids and people with health or other difficulties will have priority (let us know about this in your application if you want). We will let you know ahead whether your chosen accommodation is available.

At the moment, the budget rooms are already booked. However, we still have several “fancy” rooms left, so  if you’re after hotel-like accommodation, we recommend booking one of these, because they are quite close to our venues. If you want to go for a cheaper option, there’s still plenty of room left in our communal sleeping place.

Cost: EUR 23 / EUR 17 / EUR 9 per person (depending on the fanciness of the room)


Other options

If you prefer to take care of a place to sleep by yourself, you are of course welcome to do so. There are quite many hotels and hostels in Brno, and let’s not forget Airbnb and CouchSurfing. As already mentioned, there’s no problem getting around the town, but if you want to stay really close, search the proximity of Moravské Náměstí, Kounicova street and Rooseveltova street.