We want to make Folk Marathon affordable. But there’s a catch: “affordable” will probably have different meanings for you, depending whether you are a student from Ukraine or a highly specialized engineer from southern France (we think). And because you know your situation best of all people, we want you to decide how much it is reasonable for you to pay. So here’s our revolution: Open pricing!

Read on and you will find out more about getting the FolkPass – a “one-off” payment for all events. However, you can pay for individual entries as well. We will leave to your consideration how much you want to pay for your individual visits, but there will also be recommended pricing for each event (between EUR 3 and 12, depending on the event).

Sessions and participation in interest groups are of course completely free of charge for anyone who comes.

It is complicated to think about how much you want to pay each time you go somewhere though, so we would like to offer you the opportunity to buy the FolkPass – an all-inclusive “ticket” that will do for you for the whole Folk Marathon – you won’t need to pay anything extra for the programme.


Nice, so how much should I pay then?

If we are not grossly mistaken in our estimates, the expenses of the whole Folk Marathon* would be covered if the average sum paid by each participant was approximately

EUR 37

If this means a fortune you could live on for several weeks, please, feel free to pay less. If this is the price of your customary Wednesday lunch, please, chip in something extra. Like a cappuccino. Or another lunch.

We would like each participant to pay at least EUR 15, so please, take this as the bottom limit. We are setting no top limit, for those of you who will feel especially charitable. 🙂

If you have serious reasons for which you cannot reach even to the bottom limit, please, let us know by e-mail.


Here are several questions for you and things you may want to take into account:

  • What is the economic status of my country and currency? (You can have a look at a comparison here or here.)
  • Do I have a paid job? How much money do I earn? Am I a student /parent at home /unemployed…?
  • Are my travel expenses a huuuuge item on my budget?
  • Am I coming for the whole time, or just for the peak days? Will I miss a significant part of the programme?
  • Am I planning to volunteer for the Folk Marathon? How much? Will it impact my presence on any of the programme?
  • Am I giving a workshop?
  • Am I playing with a band during one of the evenings? Am I playing more times than once?

Please, state the sum you are willing to pay in your Application form. All the payments will be done once you arrive, but we would like to have the numbers beforehand. We will expect you to pay the sum you stated, but if there are any changes, you can of course let us know by e-mail.


In case we (Folk Marathon) earn more money than we spend, we will try to use it for something special for the participants or it will be kept for future Folk Marathons.

In case we earn less, there’s a bit of money left over from previous years that could save the day. However, there will be nothing left for the future…

Please, note that accommodation is paid extra. Check out our accommodation options.


* The expenses include all the venues and other costs connected to the programme. No one is getting paid for their work for Folk Marathon (except for the people who are hired specifically to do a certain job).