I want to join Folk Marathon!

We’ve reached the number of participants allowed (500), so unfortunately Folk Marathon is full! But you can subscribe on the waiting list. In case someone cancels their subscription or doesn’t pay, we will contact the next in line.

100% applied
  • First fill in the application form. Everybody has to fill out an individual form, also children older dan 6. If all goes well, you receive immediately an e-mail with the confirmation of your application. If not, check your spam folder or contact us. In case you filled in something wrong, let us know and we will make the modification.

  • Then transfer your participation fee. Only when you have done your payment, your application is complete. Read more information about cost and payment.

  • If you are applying for a visa, contact us if you need an invitation letter.

  • You will not get a confirmation of your accomodation right away. If you were able to check the box in the application form to book an accomodation spot and you’ve payed, you can assume that your reservation is secure. If there’s a problem with your payment, we will contact you.