main venue: De Centrale

De Centrale is an intercultural music centre with a focus on folk and world music. This former power station now contains two concert halls with dance floors, a world music school and spaces for workshops. It offers a lot of possibilities for exchange and to meet interesting people. The perfect spot for a Folk Marathon, no?


Muzikantenhuis is literally the house for world musicians and an intercultural meeting hub. Host Mustafa welcomes everyone and wishes to create solidarity and bonds through music, words and images. You can just hang out and have a drink or join the more intimate jam sessions. Also, you can eat Turkish food here on New Year’s Eve, untill 1:00.

Op de Wolken

Op de Wolken is a new theatre hall for 100 people with a cosy foyer. It’s a place to create, rehearse, learn and watch theatre, lectures, concerts and debates. Every evening they open their doors widely for Folk Marathon to jam and party from 22.00 till the sun almost rises.


Trefpunt is a musical en cultural blister in the heart of Ghent, and one of the main organisors of the yearly festival Gentse Feesten. You can not only have a drink, but enjoy weekly concerts and jam sessions in the cafe and concert room. In the daytime all Folk Marathoners can dance and shake their body in the concert room during the dance workshops.