the city of Ghent

Ghent (spelled Gent in Dutch) is a city of 250 000 inhabitants in Flanders, Belgium. It has a beautiful historic centre – a bit like Bruges – yet at the same time it’s very alive! There are a lot of cosy cafés, where you can enjoy a Belgian beer while listening to live music. There are many theatres, concert halls and festivals… there’s something going on all the time. It’s not too big or too small and has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Ghent was designated “Creative City of Music” by UNESCO. The perfect city for a Folk Marathon!

doing & sightseeing

  • You can’t miss the Gentse Winterfeesten if you stroll through town. It is a Christmas-themed winter festival that includes the Christmas market and an outdoor ice rink.

  • If you’d be interested in taking a guided tour, you can find an abundance of options.

  • Gravensteen is one of the most famous and intriguing landmarks of Ghent. This old castle of the counts from the Middle Ages turns during the into a magical winter wonder castle. You have to pay an entrance fee of maximum 10 euros. Don’t forget to check the opening hours, the castle is closed on Tuesday 31 December and Wednesday 1 January.

  • In the center, you’ll always be able to orient yourself by the three towers. Be sure to look up to the one in the middle: it’s called the Belfry (Belfort in Dutch) and has a dragon on top!

  • The tallest of the 3 towers belongs to Saint-Bavo’s Cathedral. Inside you can discover the famous painting Het Lam Gods by the Van Eyck brothers.

local food and drinks

We can highly recommend you to taste these local treasures!

  • Neuzekes, called cuberdon, are a typical Ghentian candy. You can taste them at the Groentenmarkt, were the locally most fameus neuzekes salesmen have their chariot.

  • Bakerie Himschoot is there too, at the Groentenmarkt, where you can buy artisanal bread and local specialties.

  • Tierenteyn is a nationally famous and appreciated mustard brand, made in Ghent. They also have a charming store on the Groentenmarkt.

  • Roomer, sold in many bars, is a popular artisan aperitif made in Ghent. It has a slightly sweet taste and a pleasant explosion of blossom aromas.

  • When you eat out, you can order Genste waterzooi. It’s a typical local dish with chicken or fish, vegetables, cream and potatoes. Or you can try stoverij, a stew of beef, onions, bread, mustard, local beer, thyme, bay leaf, pepper and salt, delicious with French fries.


Are you in for a coffee or a drink? Discover these bars besides many others in the city centre!

  • The best and oldest local coffee bar is Mokabon at Donkersteeg 35. If you’re in the mood for coffee and see Starbucks, go into the small street next to it!

  • On Groentenmarkt 12 (yep, again there!) we have ‘t Dreupelkot. They offer more than 200 kinds of typical Belgian jenever.

  • The tiny entrance on the right of ‘t Dreupelkot leads to Hot Club de Gand, a small but pretty awesome jazz bar with a lot of live music.

  • Right next to ’t Dreupelkot, you can find Waterhuis aan de Bierkant, meaning “Water house at the beer side”. Everyone knows that Belgium is famous for its beer. Well, in this place they have over 160 varieties of beer!

cash withdrawal

You can withdraw cash in these banks nearby. You can also buy drink tickets at De Centrale with bank card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, V Pay) or contactless (Apple Pay, Google Pay).


Do you want to shop? You can find a lot of supermarkets nearby.

music stores

Need some music gear? Visit these closest music stores.

  • Lutherie Decorte is the place to be for all acoustic guitar repairs and supplies. Open on 27, 28, 29 December and 4 January. Dampoortstraat 44, same street as Muzikantenhuis!

  • Keymusic is a general music store with guitars, basses, drums, pianos and equipments at Kasteellaan 1/3.

  • Arpeggio is a general music store, specialised in string instruments and flutes. They also do repairs. You can find the store at Sint-Michielsstraat 17 but it’s only open on 27 and 28 December.

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