Here they are, more than 90 workshops to choose from! Music, dance, but also juggling, pilates and massage. All workshops are at De Centrale, except for some dance workshops at Trefpunt. In De Centrale signs will guide you to find the room you’re looking for. Be on time, the capacity per workshop is limited!

Click on the day to see the workshop programme on that day or just scroll down.

Monday December 30

? music 1 ? music 2 ? music 3 ? kelderzaal
?Trefpunt ? studio
10.30 – 11.45 dirty Swedish songs, drinking songs & herd calling by Agnes Ahlund introduction to Turkish folk music: makams, microtones, Turkish songs by Can Aksakalli
soundpainting: universal sign language for musicians by Barbara Ardenois awakening the bones: connecting the awareness of the bones with movement by Vincent Wilkin advancing your bourrée à 2 temps (part 1) by Marc Meijerink & Leo Visser

12.00 – 13.15

traditional Swedish bagpipe tunes (säckpipa) for everyone, especially melodic instruments and singers by David Åsbrink klezmer music: accompaniment, ornamentation and much more by Ariane Cohen-Adad & Jonas De Rave
the Voice and the Tambourine: songs and rhythms from the south of Italy by Livia Giaffreda
Bulgarian & Roma folk dances by Mihail ‘Michou’ Dinchev
advancing your bourrée à 2 temps (part 2) by Marc Meijerink & Leo Visser
14.45 – 16.00 music from Setesdal, Norway (Tune Learning Session) by Oscar Beerten
songs of the World: polyphonic singing (part 1) by Fanny Vadjaraganian & Marie Zinnen
theory and arrangement: overview of theory and a hands-on harmonizing and arranging session (part 1) by Toby Kuhn delicate dance style: working on a nice dance attitude by Katline De Hert
rock my scottish!: implementing rock movements into your scottish… (also for beginners) by Xavier Dufour
16.15 – 17.30 Swedish tunes by Gustav Garskog
songs of the World: polyphonic singing (part 2) by Fanny Vadjaraganian & Marie Zinnen theory and arrangement: overview of theory and a hands-on harmonizing and arranging session (part 2) by Toby Kuhn five rhythms: moving freely by Clara Cornil
Swedish Slängpolskas & Austrian Wickler (part 1) by Anton Hacker, Lauge Dideriksen, Judith Benkö & Wanda Leben
17.45 – 19.00 Danish traditional tunes by Mads Kjøller-Henningsen traditional Syrian songs by Mohamad Karzon & Yamen Martini
learning songs & singing together by The Verschraegen Sisters
Kurdish dance: group dances, usually performed during Kurdish celebrations by Bahzad Sulaiman
Swedish Slängpolskas & Austrian Wickler (part 2) by Anton Hacker, Lauge Dideriksen, Judith Benkö & Wanda Leben introduction to astrology: What is in it for you? (bring your birth data if you like) by Sjoerd Bijleveld

Tuesday December 31

? music 1 ? music 2 ? music 3 ? kelderzaal
?Trefpunt ?  turbinezaal
10.30 – 11.45 klezmer for instrumentalists: melodies, modes, ornamentation, harmony and rhythm by Susi Evans & Szilvia Csaranko
vocal interpretation & vocal warming by Claire Hiegel acrobatic moves: using acrobatism in balfolk (beginner-friendly) by Tim Croes & Emily Vandewalle authentic free style: open the world of body communication to make couple dance more personal and free, influenced by tango, salso and lindyhop by Aleksej Dzykowski

12.00 – 13.15

tunes from the border area between Sweden and Norway (Vuilmland), exceptionally interesting for singers and melody instruments by Isa Holmgren Nordic Tune Learning Session by Jeroen Laureyssens
Italian folk songs by Sandro Melissano
Pizzica pizzica! lively Apulian dance from the tarantella family by Eleonora Mastrangelo
partner & body work: explore the body, alone and with your partner by Christian König Kurdish, Turkish and Venezuelan songs by Luna Ersahin & Ray Riveros
14.45 – 16.00 Scottish tunes by Catriona Knott
Swedish polska / slängpolska for melodic instruments by Torgny Lundberg
communication and creativity in couple dancing: explore subtle connection in balfolk couple dancing by Zofia Bochenska & Agata Paskuda Poskrobko
Cuban salsa for beginners by Hadi Rizek
how to juggle 3 objects… or even more! by Matti Wellpott
16.15 – 17.30 sacred harp & shapenote singing: a raucous singing tradition from the United States by Lauren Ciancio & Gerben Vos
Galician music: learning songs, tunes and rhythms like the muñeria, maneo, jota and pasodoble by Antia Ameixeiras klezmer music: focus on accompaniment by Pieter Sint Nicolaas (connected to Yiddisch dance workshop at 17:45 (kelderzaal)) Govend – Kurdish dances: mixed gender circle dances like zozan and sehrizdin by Ozgur Atas
Breton dance: from zero to hero! by Leo Visser & Marc Meijerink
17.45 – 19.00 why you don’t need a label and what you can do to advance your music career by Max Christensen zwiefacher: crazy music from Bavaria by Christoph Schoenbeck drone music from the North (hurdy-gurdy, nickelharpa and bagpipes-friendly but open for everybody!) by Marieke Van Ransbeeck Jiddisch dance by Pieter Sint Nicolaas (connected to klezmer music workshop at 16:15 (music 3))

Wednesday January 1

? music 1 ? music 2 ? music 3 ? kelderzaal
?Trefpunt ? studio ?turbinezaal
13.00 – 14.30   contradance & American folk dance set to Irish music, easy movements by Lauren Ciancio
introduction to forró dance by Janos Wild

14.45 – 16.00

Scottish tune learning by Coll Williamson
Northumbrian tune: fast traditional tunes from the north of England by Frankie Archer
massage for musicians: release tension, improve posture, play with more by ease! (over the clothes massage) by Amy Gibson
micro fusion: dance freely in close embrace to any style of music, with only one rule…by Justin Kennedy
flying Dutchman: Dutch group and couple dances by Floortje Doeksen
learning songs from the old blues repertoire and some typical styles and techniques by Leonardo Giuntini & Steven Paris (Stinky Feet) Kodály singing and theatre games by Jannelieke Schmidt
16.15 – 17.30 accompanying and singing with a violin or viola in a folk context, especially bluegrass & old time by Marius Pibarot
music & activism: how music is concretely relevant in non-violent action by Linde Polfliet
crash course in Québecois folk music by Nisse Blomster
Sønderhoning! 2 beat polska dancing: learn how to dance the amazing Danish “Sønderhoning” from the lovely island Fanø by Clara Tesch
1001 polka: learn about polka history and try dancing a wide array of polkas by Martin Honek
Flotsam Sessions song workshop by Moa Maria Norrsell Fahlander
17.45 – 19.00 Welsh songs by Liam & Sion Rickard
Portuguese music and dance by Pedro Prata
son jarocho: learning a traditional song from the South Mexican region of Veracruz by Graciela Zaera
tools and exercises to dance different styles of couple dances with people with limited physical possiblities: how to invite, what to ask first, how to not take it too seriously but just have fun! by Katia Panyts
Danish folk dance: a few traditional dances from Denmark by Maru Ajamo
pilates: relax, stretch and strengthen your body! (bring a towel or cushion) by Fanny Vadjaraganian (max 25 persons)

Thursday January 2

? music 1 ? music 2 ? music 3 ? kelderzaal
?Trefpunt ℹ️  studio ? turbinezaal
10.30 – 11.45 Chooooons!: quality tunes from Scotland and the rest of the world by Paul Sinclair traditional Algerian Berber songs by Lotfi Djabour
avoiding the b6 chord in folk music by Tom Theuns  

12.00 – 13.15

balkan beats everything teaser: Balkan/OT AZOJ music by Wilco Oomkes singing polyphonic folksongs from Europe – fun guaranteed! by Liesbeth Verlaet
English traditional songs and tunes with harmonies by Lauren Spiceley
lindy hop: an introduction to swing dance by David Beasly
lead and follow in couple dances:  connection with your partner, learn to be a good listener, wether you lead or follow by Nina Folie organizing Folk Marathon: are you interested to organize folk marathon next year? We help you out with some tips and tricks! by Jonas Malfliet & team Ghent Danish folk dance: funny and groovy Danish folk dances for a lot of people at the same time by Julian Jørgensen
14.45 – 16.00   arranging folk music: solutions for too big or too small ensembles by Maciej Sowilski
asymmetric rhythms and rhythmic composition: ideas from Indian rhythmic thinking and new Middle-Eastern music by Robbe Kieckens conscious dance games! by Ricardo Silva
mindful dancing:  create a deeper connection within yourself, your partner, a ballroom & explore mindful breathing to step by step incorporate it into dancing by Thibaut Perol Introduction to forro, a Brazilian folk dance by Sarah Collings
16.15 – 17.30 the Grain Voice: an artistic awakening and a new musical listening, to reinforce and feed singers to seek their particularity as voice and body in their simultaneous expression by Irene Bertachini
Portuguese and/or Galician styles, melodies and the close relationship between both cultures by Andy Oliveira traditional Finnish folk tunes for instrumentalists by Annika Lyytikäinen & Aurora Visa partner juggling for beginners: Do you like juggling? Do you like other people? PERFECT! by Theo Giann
Tour de France dance! folk dances from several regions in France by Quentin Thevenin
  variations on Rondeau en Couple for busy dance floors by Wim Godden
17.45 – 19.00     dance the bourrée Auvergnate by Rebecca Van Bogaert